You Will Never Experience Books the Same Way Again.

We've made a discovery.

We’ve discovered that all non-fiction books communicate ideas in the exact same way: Idea, Explanation, Noise. Yup, noise. The explanation is the most important part, while the noise is the less important in a book. The “noise” (fluff) is randomly scattered throughout the book, and it distracts our attention from the book’s explanation.

Every time you read a book, you miss important information.

All non-fiction books come with the “noise” problem built in. The noise can be a sentence, a paragraph, multiple paragraphs, even a complete page. A typical book can have more than 100 cases of “noise” scattered in random places. That’s a lot of distraction. Which explains why we tend to miss key messages and information when we read a book.

Book summaries don't solve the missing information problem.

Book summaries may be more concise, but they tend to miss important information. Think about it, whoever is in charge of summarizing the book, is just as distracted by the noise, making them miss the same important information along the way.

Never miss a book’s most important information again.

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