Introducing a groundbreaking method.

BestSeller introduces a revolutionary new method that
removes the distracting noise from books and
delivers the book’s idea and explanation,
without missing its most important information.
Introducing the Visual Map™ Method

1. We reach the parts others cannot reach.

Instead of summarizing the book, we visually map its entire content.
We create a visual map that shows us all book pages in one screenshot, in one map.
We use the visual map to identify the randomly scattered noise
throughout the book with unprecedented accuracy.
And, yes, we go through every single paragraph, sentence, and word.

2. We filter out the noise.

After identifying the unnecessary noise,
we surgically remove it, piece by piece.

3. We make everything make sense.

After removing the noise, we divide the explanation into key messages.
We use cutting-edge writing and story-telling techniques,
to make the book's idea and explanation crystal clear and entertaining.

Experience the first “Noiseproof Summaries".

Every noiseproof summary we create delivers a book's main idea and explanation
without missing its most important information.

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